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Marriage/family0November 23, 2023Details
v0November 12, 2023Details
Stolen Memories0July 3, 2023Details


Rebecca Thompson
Please pray that my husband will end his affair, and comes back to our family. That he can cut his soul ties with the other woman. Please pray that Satans veil will be lifted. Please pray that my husband will ask for forgiveness, redeem himself in the eyes of the Lord. That he can release his overwhelming guilt. We have five children. They are suffering without him. They need us together as a family. We love the Lord. We feel that Satan is attacking our family. We love my husband. Please pray he loves me again. Please pray he comes back to us.


Bless Anonymous
Please pray for hope and hope fulfilled in Jesus name. Pray God hear and grant my requests, meet my needs, and crush frustration, discouragement and disappointment in Jesus name. Pray God grant me a home and family of my own and remove every hindrance and delay in the way of his best will and purposes for me, my family and my life in Jesus name.

Stolen Memories

Theo Nemeth
Praise the Lord Church. I need the staff to please pray that the Lord leads me to the Mini DV Tapes that my relatives left in their Car that got stolen on Jan 3 2022. Those Tapes are very important to us for generational pass ons. Please pray when you get the chance. That's all I want. Thank you Church.
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